Janne Viksten
Audio Engineer | Studio Manager | Musician


"I´ve used OLLO S4 and S4R headphones for over six months now and they have become indispensable in all stages of my recording process: tracking, mixing and mastering. I´m a Finnish recording engineer and musician and I do a fair amount of recording with my mobile studio in places where monitoring acoustics are sometimes challenging. I also record myself for my own and other people´s projects and I have to use headphones a lot for various recording decisions, microphone choices and placement etc. In the photo I´m making a test recording for an upcoming project with my recently purchased 1967 Gibson J-50 and two Neumann KM-84 microphones.

In all recording situations I´ve had no surprises when switching from OLLO S4R to good monitor speakers (I use Lipinski, Neumann and Genelec for different things). I also do the final critical quality control of my mastering work with OLLOs. The stereo image and the balance between bass, middle and treble are the best I´ve heard in any headphone and the middle is so smooth and uncolored I can actually fine tune my mastering eq with them.

I built a little flight case for my OLLOs and I take them everywhere when I need to use headphones for recording or critical listening (but they are actually a lot of fun for casual listening as well!).

As a portable studio quality listening environment these are hard to beat."