music producer


Using S4 mixing headphones

"The S4 have quickly become one of the most important pieces of gear I own. I can finally mix with confidence at home, knowing that there will be no unpleasant surprises when I get to the studio. The Ollo S4 are a game changer!"

Coming from an African family, music was always very present in his life, especially Angolan music which was the perfect backdrop for the family gatherings. Although growing up in a heavy hip hop and reggae scene (Kapa’s hometown Moita is considered the Portuguese capital of reggae music) it was the intensity and rebellion of rock that got him to pick up a guitar and start writing his first songs. The necessity of recording and producing his music at an early age with no money to spend on studio time led him to the discovery of yet another passion in the music world, aside from playing his guitar. Gradually, music production started occupying more and more of his time. While recording “UZA”, the debut album of his band UZA (that he wrote and produced in its entirety) with João Martins, one of Portugal’s most respected studio engineers, he discovered the art of mixing. He then began a quest in pursuit of improving his mixing skills, constantly learning and discovering different ways to achieve the sound inside his head.